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William Hosack

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Singularity Prime, Bill is excited to bring his team's, dynamic view to aerospace, energy, space systems, venture capital consulting and management.

Throughout his career he has become a trusted expert in cooperative organizational development, project management, reverse engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, quality processes and the opportunities in export. Additionally, he has lead Supply Chain Management (SCM) projects requiring global logistic networks from projects in South Asia, East Asia, Oceania and North America including forward stocking supply chain management, cost control, greenfield development, export harmonization & OEM/T1/T2 process alignment design.

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Michael Ladi


Michael Ladi brings extensive program management, development, and operational expertise to Singularity Prime. He is highly skilled at organization design and enterprise-wide implementation of operational improvements.

Informed by nearly 20 years experience in both Europe and the US, Ladi is a highly-recommended aerospace consultant with specialized expertise in the automotive and energy sectors.

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Richard McAllister

Chief Information Officer

Richard McAllister is both an innovator and a keen business and data systems analyst.  He has extensive experience in business development, systems integration, software architecture, and implementation.  

His academic work, to date, has been in data mining, particularly relating to computational lexicography and he has been published extensively in this area.  When he is not working on machine learning he can be found playing drums with anyone who also appreciates loud noises.