Earlier this year William Hosack, CEO of Singularity Prime and Singularity Space Systems participated in a debate at the Sociate of Risques in Paris. Also in attendance industry and thought leaders in their respective fields;  Arnaud Boudesseul, secretaire general of MIIIR (Microinsurance International Institute Research), Dr. David Dror, president and director general of Micro insurance Acadamy, Oliver Dubuis, director de Gras Savoye International and Anaar Kara and Sebastian Weber, science members of PlaNet Guarantee.

The topic focused on new technologies, methods and models available or nearing commercialization for application in developing risk mitigation products for insurance and RE insurance.

Hosack presented the capabilities of space based remote sensing and the utility of mobile communication systems and devices in situations of index and coverage management and rapid catastrophe response. You can subscribe to receive a copy of this publication online.